I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that resulted in the above knee amputation of my left leg. For obvious reasons, I was deeply affected by this tragic accident and had little hope for once again being a productive member of society. From the moment I entered Mr De Barros’s rooms my life started normalizing again. Mr de Barros has given me a new lease on life and I am forever grateful for the magnificent work he has done. Francois Gerber 37 yrs.

I would just like to declare that the service, professionalism and wholehearted determination on the part of de Barros Orthotics and Prosthetics gave me new hope, confidence and the ability to once again live my life without fear or doubt. F.J.G

JM de Barros was recommended to us by friends of the family. Once my family and I had made our first appointment, Jose and Joelene de Barros guided and assisted me through the process of once again being able to walk. They were not only professional but gentle caring people who stood by me and provided assistance over and above what was expected.

Mr Gerber